Releases by S.P.O.C.K on SubSpace Communications:
1997-01-27 Alien Attack Single
1997-02-27 Assignment: Earth Album
1997-04-07 E.T. Phone Home EP
1997-09-29 Earth Orbit: Live Album
1998-04-27 Speed of Light EP
1998-10-26 Dr McCoy EP
2000-07-03 Klingon 2000 EP
2000-12-01 Where Rockets Fly EP
2001-02-05 2001: A S.P.O.C.K Odyssey Album
2001-03-12 Queen of Space EP
2001-03-26 Satellites EP
2005-08-01 S.P.O.C.K: 1999 Album
2012-06-04 Another Piece of the Action: The Best of the SubSpace Years Album



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